Infant Food Cupboard

Our Infant Food Cupboard (IFC) provides families with infants’ access to emergency supplies of milk, infant formula and diapers. The IFC provides temporary relief to families to support them in emergency situations while referring these families to additional social supports.

Our Statistics Captured for 2013

We lose billions of dollars each year trying to address the health and social consequences of poverty after it takes its toll – RATHER THAN PREVENTING IT IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Our Children, Our Future has provided support for:

  • 1,043 Family Resource programs to 19,048 participants (10,803 of which were children) which included a nutritious snack or meal served.
  • 514 expectant parents through the Creating Healthy Babies program.
  • 1,172 Good Food Bags during our Creating Healthy Babies and Steps & Stages programs
  • 2,126 Milk vouchers during our Creating Healthy Babies and Steps & Stages programs
  • 359 families (483 children) emergency assistance with access to our Infant Food Cupboard program.
  • 210 cans of formula
  • 731 bags of milk
  • 521 packages of diapers

Help us make a difference

in the lives of children and their families.

100% of your contribution allows us to provide nutritious foods to children and their families.